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December 3, 2012
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Tree Huggers by kakuzu-chan12 Tree Huggers by kakuzu-chan12
I seriously gotta stop with the new OCs OTL

Name: Norman "Neori" Barlow
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 5'7
Personality: Timid, helpful, spoiled, clumsy, nice, incorrigible
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Takes care of a mysterious, dead forest in the Kanto region
Likes: Pink things, cute things, nature things, the outdoors, ponds, anything he can hug, singing, Japan culture
Dislikes: Purple things, scary things, fire, laziness, things that are way taller than him
Used quotes: "Why me?", "Totally!", "I-I can fix it!", "Oh, don't worry about a thing!", "Eh?!", "D-Don't treat me like a kid!"
Nicknames: Neo, Neo-chan, Prince Neori

Name: Vercius "V"
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Weight: 156 lbs
Height: 6'2
Personality: Flirty, troublemaker, sensitive, selfish, arrogant, cheesy, playful
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: After turning human, he helps Neori with taking care of the forest.
Likes: Neori, being naked, swimming, hot tubs, sleep, flowers, candy
Dislikes: Saiter, tight clothing, vegetables, raw food, mints, people who don't involve him in things
Used quotes: "Do I have to?", "You're so unfair..", "What a beautiful day!", "Your cheeks match your robe, haha!", "Don't get all quiet!"
Nicknames: V, V-san, V-chan

-Neori doesn't wear a kimono, he wears a rope with a blanket over to make it look like one. He desperately wants one. LOL
-V goes to sleep naked, so Neori has to scoot really far from him.
-V tries to make Neori fall for him, since he's a giant flirt.
-V was a Mew before, so it took some time for Neori to finally accept it.
-Saiter is a human Lucario who thinks of Neori as a prince, since he saved the forest for the Pokemon.
-V gets jealous of Saiter, because him and Neori are close friends.

Neo's voice: The Japanese version of Kazuma from Summer Wars.
V's voice: [link]

base -> [link]
Neori/V -> me
Pokemon -> Nintendo/GAMEFREAK

V's hair is a menace.
ColorfulAngie Sep 23, 2013
This is amazing! :O
rhar1703 Mar 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I wish I could draw like you :(
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